TikToker Reveals How In Just 4 Years She Went From A $28k Job To A $158k Job

It’s more achievable than you think. At least according to her and many experts.

Finding a new job that comes with a sizeable raise can be a daunting task. Learning how to navigate the ever-changing professional world can feel overwhelming, but if you’re always learning new skills it can take you to places you’d never dream of.

Take TikToker Charlotte Chaze’s story for example. She recently shared her strategy for finding a new job in the tech industry and increasing her salary by $130k and it’s not as out-of-reach as you may think.

In a viral video, TikToker Charlotte Chaze explained how she worked her way into the tech industry, and it’s not as out-of-reach as you’d think

I went from making 28k a year to 158k a year in under four years. When I was making 28k a year, I was working as a biomedical researcher in a basement lab that had no windows. I was working long hours, the job wasn’t very rewarding, and obviously, the pay wasn’t great.

In 2018, I decided I had enough and I started looking for other jobs. I even applied to jobs I wasn’t qualified for and ended up landing one of those as a data analytics associate at a consulting company. This was mostly doing things in Excel and making PowerPoints, it was still really long hours, it paid 70k but I wasn’t liking it very much.

I again applied to jobs I wasn’t really qualified for and ended up landing a job as a data analyst at Comcast. This job paid 90k, and the reason I got it is because I taught myself SQL over a matter of a couple of weeks using a website called “Khan Academy”, and the job used SQL. During the interview process, I talked to them about the SOL projects I had done and they ended up offering me the position.

So at that point, I had officially broken into tech as a real data analyst and I was making 90k. About a year and a half later, I got a promotion to manager and started making 104k so I had broken six figures. Throughout that time I kept my LinkedIn updated and about a year later, a recruiter from AT&T reached out to me about a job that would pay 158k.

She outlined some of the steps she followed that landed her high-paying tech job

Went through the interview process and eventually got the offer in December 2021. So I was making 28k in mid 2018. And by the end of 2021, I was making 158k. This is all because I put myself out there and applied to jobs that I didn’t really feel like I was qualified for but that I knew I could handle.

And most importantly, by teaching myself data analytics online, I used “Khan Academy” and now I also have my own free course if you want to learn data analytics for free, you can find it in my profile and it gives you all my favorite free resources across the internet plus my LinkedIn tips and my resume template. Check that out if you want to know how to get started for free and break into tech like I did.

She even shares her resources, tips, and a resume template

You can  view the full video here:


How to break into tech with data analytics and hit six figures! This is what worked for me: teach yourself in-demand skills and apply for jobs even if you think you’re not qualified, because you may get an offer. Continue to get better at it on the job to get promotions and more job offers. #breakintotech #dataanalytics #careercoach #careeradvice #salarytransparency #sixfigures #6figures #worktok #jobtok #research #quityourjob #quietquitting #9to5

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She’s also shared more videos encouraging viewers to give her path a shot


You can break into tech if you believe in yourself enough to try! Take a chance on yourself. Surprise yourself. #breakintotech #techjobs #career #work #worktok #jobtok #job #jobtips #jobhopping #changecareers #educational #motivational #motivation #youcandoit #salary #tech

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She also explains that prior experience in this field isn’t required


How to break into tech with no experience! Many of my students have used this strategy to get a tech job with no degree. If YOU want to get a job in tech, do this to make it easy for recruiters to see that you’re a good candidate. #breakintotech #techjob #howto #jobapplicationtips #linkedin #linkedintips #resumetips #resume #noexperience #nodegree #educational #career #careeradvice #techtoktips #techcareer #dataanalytics #dataanalyst

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