This Woman Who Used Shrek To Respond To A Creep’s Inappropriate Message Is Our New Hero

It’s no secret that there are a lot of creepy people online–both men and women. For ladies who use social media, it’s not uncommon to receive some creepy messages from strange men (sadly).
When we do receive these disgusting messages, many of us choose to ignore them. But, there are times when we decide the best way to answer a creep is to ruthlessly troll them–and then, share it so we can embarrass them for the entire world to see. Twitter user Bridget Nickerson decided that it was better to go with option number 2–and we’re forever thankful she did.

The guy was pretty much a creep from the jump–and was annoyed when Bridget didn’t reply. When she did, it got worse.


After deciding this guy was a total creep, she decided to have some fun trolling him, insinuating they have a “threesome” during their sexting session.


But, little did the creep know, she wasn’t bringing just any old friend. She was bringing SHREK.


Apparently, the creep didn’t find it all that funny.


But, we sure as hell did.

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