25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Until Right Now

One of the most popular shows on TV/streaming services right now is hands-down The Handmaid’s Tale. The Hulu original starring Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss has become a controversial, yet extraordinary series leaving viewers hooked.

While the show just completed their second season and accepted a handful of Emmy nominations, there are some fun facts and information to be known by fans and followers.

25. Only the first season is based on the best-selling novel.

It’s well-known that the show is based on the novel by Margaret Atwood. However, only the first series was based on the book. The second series, while related to the first obviously, is a completely unique and original storyline created specifically for the Hulu series.

24. The show is shot in Toronto, Canada.

The show revolves around the United States, with glimpses of Canada as an escape. But, the show is entirely filmed in Toronto, Canada.

23. Margaret Atwood made a cameo in the series.

In season one, Margaret Atwood actually made a quick cameo during the show’s pilot as an aunt.


21. Everything in the show is true and has actually happened.

In an interview with The Guardian in 2012, Atwood said that everything she wrote about actually happened–and she promised herself she wouldn’t include anything that was false.

I made a rule for myself: I would not include anything that human beings had not already done in some other place or time, or for which the technology did not already exist. I did not wish to be accused of dark, twisted inventions, or of misrepresenting the human potential for deplorable behavior.

20. Elisabeth Moss is also a producer.

Not only is Elisabeth Moss the main character on the show, she’s also a producer which means there’s a lot of work she has to do. She said in interviews that her job isn’t just showing up to set and saying her lines, but also making calls, watching clips, and helping make final cuts and decisions.

19. There’s a reason the Handmaids wear red.

As with any show, detail and thought go into all of the costumes and clothing. Atwood said the reason that the Handmaids are wearing red is from

the blood of parturition, but also from Mary Magdalene. Also, red is easier to see if you happen to be fleeing.

18. And, a reason why the wives wear blue.

The wives in the show specifically wear blue as a way to honor the Virgin Mary, who is often painted in portraits wearing blue.

17. The director of the first three episodes of the series also directed a Beyoncé music video.

Reed Morano was the cinematographer for Beyoncé’s Lemonade music video.

16. Ironically, The Women’s March that appears in the show was filmed before the actual Women’s March.

That particular scene was filmed before Donald Trump was even elected.

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