Infuriating Things That Always Happen In Movies But Never In Real Life (50 Examples)

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You can’t expect movies and real life to coexist perfectly — it simply doesn’t work that way.

Sure, giant aliens can uproot major cities and it’s fine because you’re watching a movie but when a group of college students live in a huge apartment in New York City, it’s like “come on! That’s impossible!”

Even though clichés and movie tropes are par for the course, sometimes things happen in movies that shatter the audience’s suspension of disbelief and makes it infuriating.

Reddit user u/Nest-egg asked movie fans, “What’s the thing that always happens in the movies that NEVER happens in real life?” and the results are pretty spot on.

Here are some of the most infuriating things that happen in movies but not in the real world.


via Redditor u/spoookykid


“5 machine guns somehow missing the protagonist in the room.”

– via Redditor u/ pistachiosandstuff


“Brand new technology being incredibly intuitive for first time users. Seriously, regular characters just walk up to enemy shit for example and just start manipulating the system. Yeah, because Bill here can even find Task Manager let alone log into and use some new software at an enemy’s base.”

– via Redditor u/SofaSpudAthlete


“Leaving the house without even touching the breakfast mom made. My mom would fucking kill me.”

– via Redditor u/thebluestIvy


“Phone call : ‘Turn on the tv’
Tv: ‘Exactly the correct station at the beginning of the news story the person called about.'”

– via Redditor u/OilyEggs


– via Redditor u/MarsNirgal


“Movies – ‘wtf was that!’ Don’t bother turning lights on. Go look…

Real life – my wife hears something ‘wtf was that! Wake up! Go check!!!!!’ Turns every single light on, locks the bedroom door behind me, has 911 ready to dial. Constantly yells for me to give an update. Allows me back in the door after triple confirming my identity, using the secret password…. oh that noise?

Dog farted.”

– via Redditor u/ksozay


“Fluid, witty and well rounded dialogue where the characters never do stuff like pause, mumble, hesitate, miss a reference, have nothing to say, etc.”

– via Redditor u/mynameipaul


“A bunch of students in their late twenties in high school.”

– via Redditor u/TheCoolestUsername00


“Boarding a plane after the gate has closed. No, not even for true love!”

– via Redditor u/LucyVialli


– via Redditor [deleted]


“Skype streams with 1080p and 120fps.”

– via Redditor u/membersonlyguy


“Bad dudes get instantly killed with any torso shot. Good dudes have 72hrs until they pass.”

– via Redditor u/SofaSpudAthlete


“A person going from drunk to sober in 5 minutes because they drank a cup of black coffee.”

– via Redditor u/smell_my_cheese


“I’ve never seen anyone apprehend criminals while causing millions and millions in damage to the city.”

– via Redditor u/HueyLewisAndTheShoes


– via Redditor u/smithjm7


“The way actors dramatically circle each other while they’re having conversations. It’s something stage actors are taught to do to make the scene more dynamic, but it’s not something people ever actually do in real life. Imagine chatting with your buddy somewhere and he just starts circling you mid-conversation: ‘So anyway, I think we should . . . uh, where are you going? What is happening right now?'”

– via Redditor u/abunchofsquirrels


“Will power seems to be greater than any injury in every movie.

4 broken ribs, countless lacerations, and eyes swelled shut probably wont be remedied by the time you are fighting the next wave of baddies.”

– via Redditor u/goodnt-guy


“In movies with any kind of trial scene there’s always a dramatic moment where one of the attorneys presents a witness or piece of evidence that completely changes the course of the trial. Something that neither the judge or opposing attorney knew about.

Like sorry buddy, but the discovery deadline was a month ago.”

via Redditor u/[deleted]


“Grocery bags in movies ALWAYS have unwrapped French bread and some green leaf lettuce sticking out of the top.”

– via Redditor u/YoToddy


– via Redditor u/floordit


“Simultaneous orgasms every time.”

– via Redditor u/[deleted]


“A hot 22 year old is the resident expert in a complex scientific field.”

– via Redditor u/infrared_hologram


“One I never see mentioned. Whenever people play something back, be it a tape recorder, video recording, or whatever, they can always fast-forward or rewind to EXACTLY the point they want, with perfect accuracy.”

– via Redditor u/Cupelix14


“People waiting their turn to talk.”

– via Redditor u/DKM_deadairrepublic


– via Redditor u/GetaGoodLookCostanza


“No need for cleanup after sex.”

– via Redditor u/MarsNirgal


“Becoming popular after taking down your ponytail and removing your nerdy glasses.”

– via Redditor u/[deleted]


“‘We have to transport this highly volatile substance through the downtown area of a vast metropolis. Surely nothing could go wrong.’

‘Good plan, boss!'”

– via Redditor u/SuicideSkirmish


“People yell ‘taxi!’ to call a cab. That’s not how you do it. You just raise you hand in the air and they see you. It’s not like they would hear you if you yelled out ‘taxi!'”

– via Redditor u/Craiginator8


– via Redditor u/lauradiana158


“People establishing family (outside of mothers, fathers and grandparents) relationships in their greetings so anyone that happens to overhear knows how you’re related.

‘Hey brother, it’s been a long time!’
‘What’s going on, sis?’
‘How are you, cousin?’

– via Redditor u/DemocraticRepublic


“Lead actor sits down at bar: ‘Get me a beer.’

Movie Bartender: *silently gets beer*

Real-life Bartender: ‘What? What kind of beer? We’ve got 20 beers on tap and an extensive bottle list. Do you want a menu or something?'”

– via Redditor u/abunchofsquirrels


“Young professionals or college students living in HUUUGE, fully furnished apartments in the city.”

– via Redditor u/VictorBlimpmuscle


“2 Candles lighting up a room the same way a lamp will.

People brushing their teeth with no toothpaste foaming like a rabit dog.”

– via Redditor u/KialandiVoron


– via Redditor u/MsBeasley11


“A girl waking up with perfect hair and a face full of perfectly done makeup. I don’t care how pretty of a girl you are you don’t wake up with perfect hair.”

– via Redditor u/Jaci_D


“Free available storefront parking.”

– via Redditor u/goin2space


“Someone asking like 20 people to leave a room so they can have a conversation with one other person. ‘Can we have the room?’ Or ‘Give us the room.’

This happens all the time in movies. It has been driving me crazy since I started noticing it.

– via Redditor u/4a4a


“Romantic comedies. In movies, they’re ‘love interests.’ In real life, they’re stalkers.

– via Redditor u/KiloEchoNiner


– via Redditor u/xXDiceKing3890Xx


“USB stick goes in the right way.”

– via Redditor u/Fonolockoly


“Writing algorithms and math equations on windows.”

– via Redditor u/Mista_Madridista


“Parking right outside of your destination in the city.”

– via Redditor u/damnitspencer


“High school loser gets together with dream crush at the end of the movie.”

– via Redditor u/RyanAKA2Late


– via Redditor u/tdavis_12


“When people get evicted, they go to the bar to drink away their sorrows. If you can’t afford rent, you sure as hell can’t pay bar prices for beer. It would be more realistic for them to steal booze.”

– via Redditor u/atworkobviously


“A garbageman and a substitute teacher having 5 kids and living comfortably in a $3million dollar home in San Francisco.”

– via Redditor u/stemi67


“Decent shower sex.”

– via Redditor u/mermaidjadd


“CPR works 75% of the time in the movies but less than 10% in real life.”

via Redditor u/shortmacherato

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