The Internet Is Thirsting Over This Dude Who Helped Save A Stray Dog

If there’s one universal truth when it comes to men, it’s that we all love a man who is giving and kind—especially when it comes to babies and animals. That’s why it comes as no surprise that a guy who recently found a stray dog and fought long and hard to search for its owners is going viral online.

The man in question, Jason Gasparik, was driving home on a Friday night when he saw a group of people trying to grab a stray dog running into traffic on one of the main roads in North Carolina. Gasparik decided to take the dog home and take photos of it, hoping someone on social media would contact him.

Gasparik also shared photos to a local Facebook group, hoping it would get shared enough times that a family or the owner of the dog would see it. But, on Saturday when he hadn’t heard anything from the owners, he decided to go outside and take matters into his own hands. Gasparik told People:

“Saturday morning I was sitting there with her thinking what else could I do? So like a total dork I made my sign and went to stand out on the sidewalk with her.”


While out on the hunt for the dog’s owner, a local meteorologist saw Gasparik and snapped a photo—sharing it to her Twitter followers.

People online immediately began to thirst over him—and, were not shy about it at all.

After a few days, thanks to the power of social media, this adorable pup was reunited with her owner.

While Gasparik is grateful that people online spread theword and made it possible to reunite Roxy with her owner, he said that the photos online have prompted a lot of women to ask him for a date—one woman even offered to “shelter them both.” But, Gasparik said he’s “taking it slow in the dating pool.”

Hey, Jason, if you’re ever looking—I have a dog we can both love.

h/t: People.