The 50 Dumbest Tweets Of All Time (GALLERY)

People don’t be knowin what they be talkin bout. Technology and things like Twitter ain’t makin us dumbers. These done be the 50 dumbest Tweets of all time and like ever. They ain’t never been nothin’ dumbers ever tweeted on the tweetosphere.

tweet fail HIV
ultamiis prime
twitter olympics
twitter rodney king
twitter mourning wood
twitter millionaire
twitter mona lisa
twitter salad
who is steve job
twitter metal pausing
tweet fail creamated
twitter mayonnaise
twitter marriage
twitter kurt cobain
twitter magnesium
twitter history
twitter frasier
twitter fail africa
twitter fail 911
twitter cream abdul jabbar
twitter business
twitter alter eagle
tweet nirvana
tweet fail mount rushmore
tweet fail height
tweet fail grammar
tweet fail chlamydia
tweet fail chicago
sweater colon
sex organism
osama bin laden
obama last name
kardashian tweet
ifold tower
derrick rose twitter
carpet tunnel
bad girls club tweet
anal twitter
after david
2nd degree murder
southern california
twitter typo
twitter neil armstrong

Image Credits: Twitter, Reddit


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