Technically Right Is The Best Way To Be Right, Technically (24 Pics)

It’s pretty annoying when someone who is being a total smart-ass ends up being… actually smart. These extremely witty people definitely know how to make someone roll their eyes with just their words by finding a loophole in whatever they asked and telling ‘technically the truth’. It’s annoying, but it’s hilarious.

These people all weren’t wrong, so I guess that technically means they’re right.

I don’t even want to give them that satisfaction.


1. Boom, next question.

2. Much faster than whatever business idea you had.

3. Things are heating up.

4. I hope you’re ready to fight today Jokhn.

5. I’ve cut nearly all of them.

6. Don’t gatekeep bus riding!

7. I’ll take a free banner ad any day!

8. They’re not wrong.

9. You’re a foot shorter too!

10. Let’s not romanticize romance too much.

11. Imagine the eye roll this teacher did.

12. We come up with a new one every few thousand years.

13. He’s so cute now!

14. So you think we’re all average, eh?

15. This one is ice cold.

16. Ah, can’t really be mad here.

17. That pack has way more cigarettes than Redbull too.

18. How nice, a link to them too!

19. Thanks Google.

20. It turns out that nothing does!

21. I’ll take six!

22. He never listened to anyone.

23. Moove out then!

24. It’s about to be a solo.

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