25 People Who Ended Up Paying The “Stupid Tax” Because Of Their Own Idiocy


I mean, we all kind of knew that people were idiots, but sometimes it’s helpful to have it written out in black and white for all to see.

That’s exactly the service the Stupid Tax subreddit provides. They share the most ridiculous examples of companies and people pricing items with no logic whatsoever. They say they are “for those in life who end up paying more because of their own idiocy” and have nearly 40,000 members. Let’s check out some of the best posts.

1. Adding is not that hard

lmaonerd101 / Reddit

2. Still wrong, Beth

LachE123 / Reddit

3. 0%!

eggcircus / Reddit

4. Speed all you want

Tamer_ / Reddit

5. Interesting…

the_ocalhoun / Reddit

6. A real stupid tax

Smohanlewin / Reddit

7. Boy this goes wild at 24 wings

wandering_bear_ / reddit

8. Pricing


9. What? Soda, what?

phithera / Reddit

10. It’s the same pillow

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11. Uhhh.

12. Bag of pennies


13. Nice try, sodas

14. Fancy water

15. They knew what they were doing

16. Not a discount

17. Kill me

18. Built a fake border

19. Coupon

20. Not really saving anything!

21. Subway Really Wants You To Buy Two Cookies


23. Buy More, Save Less!

24. Hmmm, Tough Call

25. Inflation Hitting All New Highs

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