It’s That Time Of Year For Jokes About Spirit Halloween Stores (20 Tweets)

Wikimedia Commons, @elvisblastoff/Twitter

See you later, September, it’s OCTOBER’S TIME TO SHINE.

Nothing says “spooky season” more than the Spirit Halloween stores rising from the dead — and to celebrate our favorite holiday, we found 20 tweets about our seasonal spook shop that made me laugh. Enjoy!

1. It is time

@anthonykoz_ / Twitter

2. They pop up everywhere

@elvisblastoff / Twitter

3. Closets too!

@chelssmichellee / Twitter

4. Just to feel

@onlinealison / Twitter

5. Romance!

@pettyruxpin83 / Twitter

6. Dark questions

@ambernoelle / Twitter

7. Yes indeed

@headcheez2154 / Twitter

8. Blood sacrifices

@pjayevans / Twitter

9. They ready

@midwestern_ope / Twitter

10. Beautiful

@durgadasaduriel / Twitter

11. Get in

12. Legit genius

13. Chicago

14. Cheer you up

15. A date

16. They’re run by these guys!

17. O no!

18. A pick me up

19. Stock in Spirit

20. When you know

Kate Hackett

Kate is a freelance writer, actor, author and columnist living in Los Angeles.