25 Sexiest Tattooed Girls On Instagram

If ink is what does it for you, here are some tattoo babes you should be following on the ‘gram.

There are plenty of lovely ladies on Instagram these days, but far too few are sporting art on their bodies.

If you enjoy a little ink on your Instagram timeline or are just looking to fill your timeline with absurdly hot IG babes with tattoos, you can’t go wrong with any of these sizzling hot inked chicks.

In fact, might as well just follow them all. You can thank us later.

1. Angelica Anderson

From Russia with love, go ahead and follow Angelica Anderson.

2. Samantha Rose

hot girl with tattoo getting out of pool

Looking great in a swimsuit, yoga pants, or a maxi dress, it doesn’t get much better than Samantha Rose.

3. Sara X Mills

hot blonde with tattoo on neck

Sara X Mills is what you get if Tinkerbell got inked, and that’s not a bad thing.

4. Christy Mack

christy mack showing off tattoos

cleavage tattoos christy mack

For a much-improved IG experience, just add a dash of former porn star Christy Mack.

5. Angela Mazzanti

Angela Mazzanti is certainly no angel but deserves a follow nonetheless.

6. Alysha Nett

Alysha Nett sure looks pretty in ink.

7. Kenzy Lee

Kenzy Lee is a proud member of the No Bra Club and our list of hot tattooed babes.

8. UNi

UNi‘s sporting such an awesome sleeve.

9. Valentina Belleza

Wishing Valentina Belleza could be my Valentine.

10. Erica Fett

Erica Fett is just so colorful.

11. Heidi Lavon

Tina Louise is a work of art.

12. Jessica Wilde

There’s a bit of a wild side to Jessica Wilde.

13. Jordyn Ryder

Jordyn Ryder is that classic tattooed bombshell we can’t get enough of.

14. Ashley Resch

Ashley Resch‘s thigh tat will have you losing your mind.

15. Annasthesia

Annasthesia is a self-confessed nerd with some killer ink.

16. Sarah Jessica


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There’s more Sarah for you if you follow her: xoxsjs

17. Torrie Blake

Torrie Blake is the perfect addition to any derelict Instagram feed.

18. Cartrin Birkby

19. Kat Von D

20. Penny Suicide

21. Elisa Rose

22. CleoDora

23. Bonnie Rotten

24. Joanna Angel

25. Aemilia Fox

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