“Siblings Really Know How To Unlock A Bonus Level Of Anger In You” (20 Tweets)

Having siblings inherently changes you as a person. You will not be the same as if you never had these extra semi-you’s running around with you. Just a fact. To prove our thesis today, we’ve gathered 20 hilarious tweets about living with siblings. Take a read and let us know your favorites.

1. Bonus level

@tyboogietheplug / Twitter

2. The importance of sharing

@Gbemideyforyou / Twitter

3. We’re a cheap sell

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4. The realest compliments

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5. You LIE

@delilahclaire1 / Twitter

6. Character building

@gonegonergonnes / Twitter

7. Who were all these kids with knives?

@lexie21marieee / Twitter

8. Caution, always

@imlowkeynerdy / Twitter


@asifullah22 / Twitter

10. Very true

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11. Fear

12. The reality

13. As adults

14. The changes

15. Mystery

16. A microcosm

Twitter: @mallaidhanne

17. Divide CAREFULLY

Twitter: @Gbemideyforyou

18. Fairness is king

Twitter: @Gbemideyforyou

19. No apologies

@hennaahmedx / Twitter

20. It’s forever

@bekah_owsley / Twitter