The 22 Most Beautiful Clap Backs At Homophobes The World Has Ever Seen

It’s 2018 – honestly, I’m not sure why this is still a thing. Even though attitudes have shifted enormously over the past 50 years, and even though a significant majority of the country agrees that its fine to be gay, there are still people who just can’t stop hating. If only we could all get along, right?

But these homophobes’ arguments don’t really hold water – in fact, it’s kind of obvious how little sense they make. So when they decide that their opinions are more important than someone else’s life choices and go ahead and sh*t them out for all to see, it doesn’t take a sparkling wit to notice the dumbf*ckery. But only a sparkling wit could clapback as perfectly as these awesome folks:

22. On distinguishing reality from make-believe:

21. On ability:

20. On decency:

19. On irony:

18. On names:

17. On shoving d*cks down your throat:

16. On worth:

15. On refunds:

14. On close reading:

13. On DIYing:

12. On assuming:

11. On needing “to stop being so sensitive”:

10. On assault:

9. On hypocrisy:

8. On reproduction:

7. On being kind of insane:

6. On grammar:

5. On acronyms:

4. On twist endings:

3. On satisfaction:


1. And, finally, on gay marriage: