Rudy Giuliani Tweets Only The Word ‘You’ And Twitter Has A Field Day

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Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani has been busy at work lately, defending President Donald Trump as his lawyer and sharing his belief that sex workers don’t deserve his respect.

Giuliani, in fact, is so busy that he can’t waste time finishing his musings on Twitter. That could be why he blessed the social media site with this one-world message on Sunday morning.

That tweet was followed up 20 minutes later with Giuliani promoting appearances he would make Sunday morning on Fox and CBS. But he didn’t delete the “You” tweet, leaving it to shine in its simplicity. It’s a middle finger to the internet (without having to write “Fuck” in front of it) and to all those who are trying to solve his message.

Naturally, Twitter had a field day trying to figure out what Giuliani was trying to say with his three-letter dispatch. Many thought Giuliani was blessing us with some musical trivia or start some kind of Twitter sing-along.


Some questioned his competency.

Some believed Giuliani was trying to teach us about homophones.

And for some, Giuliani’s tweet reminded them of Trump’s most famous Twitter faux pas—Trump’s tweet that will live in infamy.

This article first appeared on The Daily Dot.