People Share Things Rich People Buy That Regular People Don’t Even Know Exist (20 Posts)


Got your pencil and paper ready for notes, my friends? Because you’ll want to remember some of these for when your ship comes in and you can buy ALL these goodies.

Rich people have access to things you and I couldn’t even dream about — annoyingly, unfairly, but truly. A Redditor asked what those people are buying that the poors don’t even know about and we rounded up some of the best answers for you.

1. Renting celebs

You can rent celebrities for your private events. Not just musicians, but bona fide actors & actresses.


2. Going on a trip

The specific example he used was how things work when these people want to go on a trip, and give any notice at all to their employees. What happens is that an advanced team gets sent ahead by a few days to scope out the rented/bought location and report back exact dimensions for closet space, drawer space, etc. People back at the home go through the clothing, jewelry, etc, and draw up a priority list which is sent to the advanced team. The advanced team then spends the next two days purchasing the list of items. Entire wardrobes, jewelry sets, makeup kits, bathing supplies, etc. Anything they cannot get (not enough time, or is one-of-a-kind like the family heirloom watch the rich dude wears every now and then) is relayed to the house-team.

The family’s schedule is arranged such that the moment the family leaves the house on the day of travel, a whole team of people rushes through and packs up all the remaining items (only after the family leaves, you wouldn’t want to deny them access to their items for even a few seconds) which are then sent ahead to the airport while the family has a lunch or something somewhere. Upon landing, their luggage takes one route (direct) and the family takes a similarly indirect route (unless otherwise directed) such that by the time they get to the location all of their items are not just unpacked but in their proper organized locations and ready for use without any of the advanced team ever being visible to the family. What happens when the family leaves the location? The same situation in reverse, but quite frequently all of the repurchased items are just disposed of in some method. It’s just easier, if not cheaper, to rebuy them each time the family goes somewhere if they aren’t travelling to too many different locations in quick succession.


3. Do my time

A person to go to jail for you in your stead. This is a known phenomenon in Latin America but I imagine it happens in other places as well.


4. Investments

I don’t see it on here, but the vast majority of financial products are out-of-reach for all but the rich. One reason the rich get richer is that they have access to investments that we’ve never heard of. Ever seen “The Big Short” why do you think Goldman Sachs took a week to correctly price Dr. Michael Burry’s housing-short position? Because they were securing that position for themselves and their clients. Those financial instruments are so complicated and the regulation on them so byzantine that it wouldn’t surprise me if Goldman actually didn’t do anything illegal, like they’re allowed, at their discretion, to misprice an asset for a certain period of time. Probably under the guise of the assets being complicated to price, but really it’s just a buffer for them to get an edge that regular people couldn’t believe.


5. Private banks

Private banks. Rich people use banks like Chase, but they don’t bank through regular branches, instead they use Chase Private Banking. They never wait on hold for a banker to pick up the phone, they get same day access to their deposits, lines of credit, etc.. Deposit $3 million into your checking account and you’ll get a call from your Bank’s private banking group.


6. Private boarding

Private boarding gate at certain airports. Complete with showers, a spa, full bar, lounge, food, a bed, gym, sauna etc. Total privacy. Your luggage is scanned and taken through security by a concierge, and you’re driven to the plane in a BMW 8 series.


7. Smarthomes

Actual smart homes. The Alexa/Google Home market is bringing it more mainstream, but for decades the wealthy elite have had smart home functionality through companies like Crestron. The controls go far beyond controlling your lights and thermostat, and integrate with more technologies.

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8. Drivers

I had a buddy who hired a driver, got him to get a chauffeur’s license, and then made sure his jaguar was long enough to meet criteria as a limo, and then he could legally drink in the backseat. When I traveled with him internationally, someone met us at the door when we were dropped off, and they walked us to our plane. None of that customs/security stuff occurred.


9. Trains

Everyone knows about mega yachts, but the very rich also enjoy their own trains, or at the very least private super luxurious train cars. With their budgets it isn’t expensive to rent space on freight lines and an engine, assuming they don’t own their own. Sometimes a group of friends will hook their private cars together and motor around a continent having a big party.


10. Clone your pets

There’s a company in Texas that does it kinda regularly apparently now. $25k for a cat, $50k for a dog. It’s something like a $1-2k deposit just for them to send your vet the kit to obtain bio samples and to store the material. You pay the rest of it whenever you’re ready to clone your critter.


11. Movies

If you’re willing to fork out $35,000 for the player and $500 per showing, you can watch films that are currently in theaters in your own private home-theater.


12. Staff

Specialized household staff. When someone is truly mega-rich, running their household takes the same complexity as running a small to mid-size company, and management is skilled and compensated accordingly. Don’t think “butler” – think “head of operations at a luxury hotel.”

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13. Buy entire libraries

Something they do that most people don’t know about is buy entire libraries at once. My sister used to work at a bookstore, and told me someone came in and wanted to furnish their library with a library size purchase of books. They just wanted cherry picked best sellers left to the discretion of the people working there. It sounded wild.


14. Plane landings

Landing 747s in small airports.


15. Entire everything

Entire floors of hotels or multiple floors. Entire restaurants. Chefs from literally any restaurant in the world to cook for them, wherever they are.


16. Luxury ice cubes

Gläce Luxury Ice Co produces perfectly square ice blocks for “minimum dilution and maximum cooling”.


17. Ready homes

You can buy houses “ready to move in only with a suitcase”. These house are more than fully equipped. Everything is already there like the whole furniture, glasses, knifes, forks, spoons, tissues and toilette paper, towels, toys and games for the children etc.


18. Did not know this one

Kidnapping insurance


19. Private collections

There’s a guy who lives off Lake Washington in Seattle who has a full dinosaur skeleton built in his house. It’s in essentially a display room, visible from the lake. I’m not sure who owns it, but we saw it when we got my husband a tour boat for his birthday last year. Incredible that it is an actual problem in the community, because I never thought of it until we saw that thing, lol.

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20. Visas

Most people do not know this, but you can purchase a 5, 10, and 20 year visa to Thailand called an Elite Visa ranging in price from 15k usd to 30k usd, with various perks and upgrades, limo service, golf courses, and hotels available. This visa allows you to enter and leave Thailand any time you want and stay during the duration of the visa. It comes in personal and family sizes. You can’t work on this visa, but some lawyers and elite agents can wrangle a work permit with it although most people who have this visa don’t worry about working.

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