Genius At Work: Remote Worker Sets Up Green Screen To Work At The Beach In Viral TikTok


A TikTok showing a remote employee using a green screen at the beach has gone viral and has people questioning the integrity of such a work system.

I personally say live and let live, but the viral clip posted by @averyncmm has a lot of people weighing in on how we work in this post-pandemic world.

The clip, which boasts over 1.3 million views and counting, shows someone at the beach setting up a work office.

@averyncmm / TikTok

“Spotted: a fellow remote ‘worker’ setting up his ‘office’ green screen for the day,” @averyncmm captioned the video.

The worker likely has to appear on a camera and wanted to make the effort to appear in a “work friendly” space rather than where he really was: the beach. I have to wonder how he’s concealing the sound of waves, though.

Comments quickly started debating the appropriateness of the worker’s actions. Most people praised the clever “work hack.”

“The work gets done, right?” one TikToker said. “Nothing to see here but a productive and proactive employee.”

Other comments praised the “brilliant” and “genius” idea to set up a green screen.

“I freaking love it,” another wrote.

Scores of other comments came in asking about how they could also work a remote job.

“Where are you people finding remote jobs that pay decent wages?” the commenter wondered. “So sick of sitting in traffic and waking up before the sun.”

A few people, however, were downers.

Photo by Kornél Máhl on Unsplash

“Idc what you say that’s not more comfortable than working from an office chair with back support in the AC,” one user wrote.

Others added concerns about the sound of the water, wind, and other people; commenters gave quick solutions about how to beat those issues.

Most people seemed in accord that remote employees should be able to work anywhere as long as the work is done. As we all know, remote work has exploded during and after the pandemic and many companies offer people the freedom to work as they wish, where they wish.