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20 Hilarious ‘Rare Threats’ Shared In An Online Group

You know how you get into an argument and think of the perfect zinger 3 hours later? Yeah, it’s obnoxious.

Enter r/Rarethreats, an online community that shares the best threats and insults you’ll find across the internet. Take a scroll through some of the best posts we could find and stow them away so you’re never again victim to the feeling of lost opportunity.

1. Don’t cross him

@trumpetcake / Twitter

2. So specific

Left4pillz / Reddit

3. Such prose

iamkevdog / Tumblr

4. No not eggs!

Mild_microvav / Reddit

5. Pizza

Bastard37484739 / Reddit

6. Ouch.

Left4pillz / Reddit

7. The ultimate.

@lollllllhey / Twitter

8. Christmas time

Left4pillz / Reddit

9. WHO?!

ivotedhillary1 / Reddit

10. A real threat

scheherazade0125 / Reddit

11. Poop

12. Oh Jesus!

13. Love physics teachers

14. No smoking

15. This guy’s an ass

16. Slaps!

17. Gen X insults

18. A man on the edge

19. Stop it!

20. Attack mode