Rappers Are Saying Kim Kardashian Should Run For President

As if Donald Trump in the White House wasn’t enough to make you vomit this week, apparently Kanye West is in full support of the idea that his wife, Kim Kardashian, should run for President of the United States. No, this is not The Onion.
This week, Kim Kardashian shared photos on Twitter from a second meeting at the White House this year to discuss prison reform. The first was earlier this summer when Kardashian met with Donald Trump to discuss pardoning Alice Marie Johnson–who was sentenced to life without parole for a first offense non-violent drug charge. Now, she returned to discuss freeing another lifetime sentence prison inmate, Chris Young.

After people were talking about her meeting and her involvement in American politics, some people in the industry were quite impressed. Specifically, rapper Offset. TMZ caught up with Offset, who said he would definitely vote for Kim if she decided to run for President. The rapper has spent time in jail himself, for weapons charges and drug possession. He says to the cameraman:

“Kim for President.”

Not only does Offset support a Kim Kardashian decorated White House, but her own husband does, too. While Kanye West may have joked in the past about running in 2020, it seems he may support his wifey instead. West reposted the link from TMZ with Offset’s video, showing support for his wife.

Could this mean a Kim and Kanye 2020 campaign? I mean, maybe in the past it seemed crazy–but, after the year that has past in the White House, I truly believe anything is possible. However, regardless of what Offset and Kanye West think, people are not excited to see anyone endorsing Kim for president–at all.

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