All The Funniest Jokes About The Queen’s Funeral (16 Tweets)

Screenshot/BBC, @jonnysun/Twitter

No, she’s not technically the head of any state and yes, she exists on the backs of tax payers, but for whatever reason, Queen Elizabeth II was gifted an enormous funeral. And people watched it.

As the globe turned in, Twitter erupted into jokes and memes about the funeral. Here are 15 of the best!

1. Truly how I feel.

@bettybowers / Reddit
@katemoloney / Twitter


@lebassett / Twitter

4. Falling

@jamvsjam / Twitter

5. No personalities

@mendesmixerss / Twitter

6. Bishop moves diagonally

@qualitychimp / Twitter

7. The dropped paper

@rowanfb / Twitter

8. John

@cubahokes / Twitter

9. Queen’s Gambit

10. Heavy boxes

@hrh_william_ / Twitter

11. Yikes?

12. *eye roll*

13. Corgis

14. Middleton

15. Princess of Wales

16. Okay then.

@sanaravishing / Twitter