Potty-Mouthed Toddler Goes Viral For Cursing At Priest Trying To Baptize Her

Kids are wild. Because their tiny brains haven’t fully absorbed things like social norms, they frequently tell you exactly what’s on their mind, never mind how embarrassing it might be. They’ll snitch on you to teachers, create unintentionally hilarious letters and drawings, and basically light up your damn life. Magdalena is one of those special children, and she’s going to have a bright future.

Recently, a darling toddler named Magdalena was baptized in a Catholic Church, unfortunately she wasn’t too happy about being dunked in water against her will:

She can be heard shouting “No!” As the priest wipes water on her head. She also repeatedly calls him “puto,” and her relatives are aghast because it loosely translates into “assh*le.” She also screams, “Dejenme!” (“let me go”). Her embarrassed parents try to keep her quiet by covering her mouth, but this little rugrat doesn’t let up. Good for you, Magdalena! Never take sh*t from anyone, even if they’re a priest.

This little one is metal AF.

h/t: Friendly Atheist