30 Photos That Will Kinda Change Your Perspective On Everything

Pictures can change how you view the world. Life is all about perspective (my therapist tells me). If you’re a glass-half-empty kind of person, remember that some people don’t even have clean drinking water. That’s right. Sadly, you feel even worse now. That’s what changing your worldview can do.

It’s not, however, all doom and gloom. The internet was made for these random facts that actually change your mind about history, words, and existence in general. We’re all on a tiny little speck of dust floating in the universe, and it’s important to remember that not everything is all good or all bad. What’s more, that fact doesn’t mean we can’t have fun looking at cool stuff on the internet.

So, break out that peace pipe and take a gander at these mind-altering photos.

Here are photos that will change how you think about nearly everything:

1. Recreating the “before” shot.

2. I did not know this until right now.

3. Yes, but how tall is she?

4. The Pyramids on your commute to work.

5. I always wondered why.

6. Before and after this guy walked across China.

7. The longest hike on land.

8. A pen that shows you how many words it can write.

9. A pound of human fat next to half a banana.

10. How many Earths fit into one Sun.

11. Is Earth had rings like Saturn.

12. Bird’s eye view.

13. Dentist office shows the amount of sugar in things.

14. How much fentanyl could kill you compared to the size of a penny.

15. Icecaps, then and now.

16. “How big is the statue of David’s penis?” is something I’ve Googled before.

17. Another beautiful recreation.

18. A dolphin brain versus the size of a human’s.

19. The blackest black paint available.

20. The size of the Rosetta comet versus the size of Los Angeles.

21. A postal worker wanted to show how hot the working conditions of his truck were… He used the truck to cook a steak.

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22. Tokyo from the sky.

23. An empty 787. Ah, finally enough leg room for me.

24. How many people protested in Hong Kong.

25. Climate Change was reported over a hundred years ago.

26. Touching North America and Europe at the same time.

27. Daft Punk helmetless.

28. Scientists posited that zebras had striped to ward off flies. They painted a cow and found out they were right.

29. This man was exonerated because of Larry David.

30. How many cars it takes versus how many buses it takes to commute to work.

Dan Wilbur

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