Maybe Take A Few Tutorials Before Photoshopping Your Photos (21 Pics)

Photoshop fails don’t need to happen. There are tons of free photoshop tutorials. You could at least become proficient in a weekend. There really is no reason to suck this bad at it.

Hot take: I’m glad they suck at it. Cringeworthy pics are my favorite content on the internet, and bad photoshop will always be some of the best. Here’s a particularly painful batch.

1. That’s a new one for me.

2. One of these things just doesn’t belong here…

3. Haunting.

4. Who needs organs?

5. Seriously, PS lessons are free online.

6. Almost had it.

7. Didn’t even try.

8. Everybody poops?

9. Mr. Negative

10. Leg for days.

11. Ghost?

12. Everything about this creeps me out.

13. Game physics are broken.

14. Terrifying.

15. Not even close.

16. Looks like a lil poo poo.

17. Lt. Dan?

18. Body by LEGO.

19. World traveler.

20. Nah, bro.

21. Almost had it.

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Jason Mustian

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