People On Facebook Are Emotional Over This Brother Who Got A Tattoo Of His Little Brother With Down Syndrome

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When you see something online that is moving and special, you can’t help but share it with the rest of your friends and family. Facebook, of course, is the best place to find the “good news” that makes your day.

Recently, a video has been going around online of a guy who decided to honor his brother by getting his face tattooed on his arm.


The tattoo itself is pretty well-done and professional, but what got people really emotional was the reaction of his brother–who has down syndrome.

irmão ama irmão cuida coisa linda <3

Posted by Wallacy Martins on Sunday, July 29, 2018

Many on Facebook were touched by the video, as it’s been viewed over 45 million times. However, there were those horrible people who were “offended” by the fact that the brothers kissed on the lips. As many people know, individuals who have down syndrome do not see kissing as a sexual or inappropriate act–but, see it as an act of love and admiration. And, yet, people were still leaving rude and hurtful comments on this touching and emotional post.

Facebook was quick to put these trolls in their place.