25 Of The Most Brutal Ways People Have Been Shot Down By Someone They Were Into

It takes a lot of courage to ask someone out–especially when you’re really into them. We always cross our fingers, our toes, and hope for the best (that they’ll say yes).

But, sometimes, people aren’t into us the way we’re into them–bummer.

Recently, Redditors began sharing the worst ways they’ve been let down by someone they’re into, and–all I can say is, ouch.

Sure, it sucks to get shot down, but, it double sucks when they’re not subtle about it. There are ways to let people down easy, and ways to drop them completely on their heads. These are the drop on your head kinda ways:

25. Not so subtle rejection.

At school, my crush shouted in my face, “I TOLD YOU BEFORE I’M NOT INTERESTED SO STOP ASKING!”


24. I feel sorry for you too, but in a different way.

She was a new server in a restaurant where I was a cook. We hit it off hard, lots of chemistry always had a good time chatting during work hours. I floated along on this for two weeks and then one night as we were closing the store I asked if we could get together sometime. She said no in such an immediate and apprehensive way that I was a little bit shocked. I asked why not, she said “I really just don’t like you very much.”
I asked haven’t we been flirting it up for two weeks? She said yes. I asked what’s the deal with all that and I’ll never forget the answer.

“You just seemed like you really needed to meet someone and I felt sorry for you.”

She wasn’t wrong, but F**K.


23. Ew.

A friend thought it would be funny to let slip to the girl I liked that I liked her.

Her response? “EW NO”


22. Kind of rejection, but kind of not too?

One time I was making out with this girl in her apartment and I said we should go on a date, we’d make a good couple. She laughed and said I’m not relationship material then continued making out with me.


21. Ha!

Got laughed at to my face. Not an exaggerated laugh, it was a true from the heart actual crack-up.


20. No judgment, she could be still “exploring.”

Asked a girl out and she said she was a lesbian, two weeks later I saw her making out with a dude at a party.


19. Ricky, do lose my number.

In high school, a bunch of cheerleaders sat at the same table as part of my friend group. I had classes and mutual friends with a lot of them so it wasn’t out of the ordinary to talk to them. One girl was also in my Physics class and I was like, wow this girl has it going on. She was tall, blonde, stereotypically cheerleader hot, popular and also smart. We would talk inside and outside of class and often were in the same study groups. I took a liking to her, my friends convinced me to make a move.

One day at lunch, I told her I liked her and asked if we could go out. It seemed to be going well, she didn’t say no or give a negative reaction. 16 year old me couldn’t believe I was pulling this off, just like my friends told me I would! I don’t remember if she asked or I offered, but I had my number written on a piece of napkin and gave it to her. She accepted it and then had to leave early for cheer.

As she was walking out of the lunch room she stopped at the ends of the tables, looked back and made sure I was looking. Then, she crumpled up the napkin with my phone number and threw it with conviction into the trash. And turned around and walked out.



I dated a girl for about two weeks in high school and she actually made a literal pro and cons list of me vs this other guy she worked with, and showed it to me when she broke up with me for him. The only pro on his list was “is hot” and the only con on mine was “is short”. That stuck with me for more than a decade.



60 year old guy here. Met online, first “meet for coffee” date. After 20 minutes, she said “Well, I’ve heard enough here” and walked out. Ouch.



Not me, but a few weeks ago my coworker walked into a bar. Sat down and ordered a drink. A girl walked in a stood next to him waiting for the bartender. He looks over at her and said, “Hi”. She looked at him and said, “Sorry, I dont talk to guys with bitch tits.” And walked away.


15. Someone call the fire department (and a medic, for my broken heart.)

She lit my number on fire and threw the ashes back at me.



Lots of flirting between a gal and I in one of my college courses. Went on for months. Finally work up the courage to ask her out and she replied with “not even if you were the last man on Earth.” Damn.



“What’s your name again” was my personal unfave.



I developed a crush on a friend. We talked all the time, and sent 50+ messages to each other on a daily basis. We’d known each other since kindergarten, and it was now senior year of high school. I tried to scratch the surface of some of his deep feelings and stuff, and he responded by promptly sending me a death curse, and ghosting me. In public, he pretended he had never met me before.



I was in 7th grade and had a huge crush on this 8th grader named Brittney. We both rode the bus to school, and I was the last person to get picked up in the morning (also last to get dropped off). We both would talk on the bus in the afternoons, and one day I decided to tell her how much I liked her, and asked if she would be my girlfriend. She said she would think about it. The next day I got on the bus to literally every kid on that thing chanting “SHE SAID NO! SHE SAID NO!” over and over again. Rough ride to school lol


10. What kinda ableist ish is this?

“I can’t deal with a bf in a wheelchair”
It’s like… :/ Ok



In my mid-20s I met a woman I was attracted to, and I made an uncharacteristic effort to get to know her. We’d run into each other about three times a week, and I pretty much got her entire life story in those meetings. From her mom raising her as a single parent to her lack of a relationship and feeling lonely, I heard about it all.

Weeks pass. I decide the way she keeps telling me about how alone she feels, and that she wants a boyfriend, is to hint to me she wants me to ask her out. I do so.
This resulted in about five minutes of her tearing me a new one, going on about how I wasn’t the kind of man she wanted and how dare I think she’d date me.

We never spoke again after that.



I think the first girl I asked out in 7th grade.

Me: “Do you want to go to the dance with me?”

Her: “Why me?”



I was in junior high school and had a crush on one of the basketball players. I was obviously too stupid to know my place yet, so when I walked up to him on a break between class and asked him out (it may have been to a dance or something) he laughed in my face. When we crossed paths again he was with his friends, so he thought it would be hilarious to use his sports towel to choke me until a teacher intervened.

All I could think was “am I that ugly?”


6. That’s not so much rejection as it is vandalism.

She burned my childhood pictures and dumped piss and soap on my car.



Literally today, I finally built up the courage to ask out one of my good friends (girl), and I’ve been waiting to do this for legit months. I introduced her to a friend a week ago. I just found out they started dating a few days ago.
I’m sad.



Seventh grade I asked a girl to the Halloween dance. She said she couldn’t go because she had to put a cake in the oven.



Late in the thread, but I once hugged a girl and she turned to her friend nearby and said “I love hugging jharrisnorton, it’s like hugging my dad!”



In middle school I had given a girl a note and earrings on Valentine’s day. I had finally built up the courage to give it to her. She was with her friend. They walked away for a few moments, and her friend skips back to me with the items and screams “REJECTED!”


1. This is kinda everyone’s 8th grade though, to a degree.

8th grade; had a serious crush on a sort of preppy nerdy guy who was a fellow new kid to the school. My new “friends” thought it was a great idea to let him know I was crushing on him during a morning pep rally. Later in class he comes to my desk and says, “I heard you like me.” And rather than freak out about my secret crush, I calmly say, “yeah, sure, you’re cool.” He immediately laughs and says, “too bad for you I don’t date dogs.” And then he barked in my face. I think I was too shocked by his rudeness to cry at school and made it home before I crumpled.

That was over 20 years ago and still stings. Jason, you were a douche then and I bet you still are now.


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