30 People Confess The Small Things They Find Oddly Attractive In Another Person

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When you fall in love with someone or begin to develop feelings for them, it’s usually because something about them caught your eye. We all have little quirks that we find attractive in another person. They don’t have to be big and noticeable, in fact, most of the time they’re small and random. Regardless, they are a huge reason we stay with this person long-term.
While you may not be able to put your finger on the exact thing about your partner that drives you wild, Reddit users are sharing the small and random qualities they find irresistible and attractive in another person.


When they talk about me when I’m not there, I imagine it’d be nice to have someone think of you even when you’re not there.



When they smile when they think no one is looking. Then you catch them.



Their mannerisms. I love watching the way people move and talk, just the little ways they do things. I’ve been attracted to a lot of people who aren’t entirely conventionally attractive, but there’s just something about the way that they move that is.



When one side of a woman’s hair hangs in front of her face and she looks at me.



Eye contact. Really its more than that. When she notices things about me, lets me know she is paying attention and likes what she sees.



I love it when my boyfriend sings loudly and poorly in the car with me.



Likes animals. I went home with this guy from the bar once and we were doing that weird thing where both of us know why I’m there but no one wants to make the first move. So he was giving me a tour of his house, and I’m pretending I’m all into architecture and shit. He showed me the back yard and explained that he’d just installed this big privacy fence. While he’s showing me this, an adorable cat comes bounding across the yard. He explained that it was his neighbors cat but it likes to come visit him, so he had the fence installer build a cut out in the fence so the cat could come over any time he wanted. Long story short, I think my ovaries may have literally exploded.



Goofy dance moves. When someone opens up on the dancefloor and gives NO F***S about how they look. Love it!




I am a sucker for freckles.



Stubble! A guy I have absolutely no interest in can pop up one day with a couple of days worth of stubble and suddenly I find them attractive.