20+ Passive-Aggressive Notes That Will Speak To Your Shriveled Petty Soul

If you’ve ever had that annoying neighbor who blasts his music at 2am, or who cannot seem to figure out how to have sex at a reasonable volume on a work night (super glad you’re having fun guys but SHUT THE F*CK UP I’m getting out of bed in four hours), then you understand what it feels like to want to confront them.

But if you’re also super conflict averse, maybe you feel like getting up in their faces isn’t the best way to go about it. Maybe the very best way to put these inconsiderate buttmunches in their place is to write them a very sternly worded note…

26. Speaking on behalf of everyone…

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25. The. WORST.

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24. Who would ever even think of this?

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23. Right to the point

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22. Closer to the sabbath anyway

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21. Good luck reselling the TP

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20. It’s already a free library. Why take the books?

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19. So much effort went into this, I hope it worked

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18. Maybe they like people watching?

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