‘Parking Patrol Paula’ Calls Cops On Black Man Getting Into His Own Car, Flees When Police Arrive

What is it with white people misusing the police and wasting their damn time? More often lately–99.9% thanks to Donald Trump–people have been misusing 9-1-1 for things that require absolutely no police. For example–BBQing in a park, shopping with coupons, being a human being.
Amongst the countless number of people we have given hilarious, brilliant, and racist nicknames, we bring you Parking Patrol Paula. A black man was minding his own business, getting into his own car, when a woman called the cops and suspected he was “breaking into a vehicle.”

Corvontae Davis–who happens to be a corrections officer in Wisconsin–was refilling the meter by his car and grabbing something when a white woman asked him if he was “breaking into the car.” She then said she was going to call the cops and waited across the street for them to show. Davis, who took a video and posted it on Facebook, said that he was going to wait for the cops to arrive to prove to them that the car is, in fact, his.

Posted by Corvontae Davis on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Davis told USA Today that he drives a 2016 Ford Mustang with keyless entry. After opening his door to get something, the woman began screaming at him, accusing him of breaking into the car. He added:

“She stood there for a while. When she noticed that the cops arrived, she went off and didn’t interact with the police department. She didn’t interact with me. She left me out there to explain myself and the situation and what was going on.”

USA Today

When the police came, they verified that the car indeed belonged to Davis–and apologized for the inconvenience and the woman’s behavior.

Listen, people–stop wasting our tax dollars and our law enforcement officers on meaningless, racist, senseless calls when they can be doing actual work and actually saving people. Enough is enough.