15 Parents Who Absolutely Trolled Their Kids


Honestly, I believe 80% of the appeal of parenting is gently trolling your kids and these 15 parents have done it up right.

Now — I don’t mean doing anything to purposefully elicit pain or serious mental anguish on  your kid, of course! But a little teasing, a little prodding, gives you all something to laugh about in 20 years. Here are some awesome examples of parents perfecting the perfect prank.

1. Daughter turned 18 and parent carved a spooky pumpkin

Fun_Recording_4935 / Reddit

2. In the bathroom of OP’s parents’ house.

Tallnate68 / Reddit

3. Thanks for eating all the cucumbers in the cucumber roll, ma.

SlashNick452 / Reddit

4. Teen was not helpful at breakfast

Expwar / Reddit

5. Hide the candy

carrye / Instagram

6. Apparently used diapers make great hiding spots

littlebitsofsparkle / Instagram

7. It’s a candy-coated orange, not a cake pop

what_the_fork_are_we_eating / Instagram

8. Dads.

Jon.marlin0111 / Instagram

9. These people blow

what.the.fifty / Instagram

10. Genius.

henpeckedhal / Twitter

11. Laundry

12. Hiding the worst toys

13. Mom pranks

14. Take that, kid

15. April Fools