31 Optical Illusions That’ll Make You Question If Seeing Really Is Believing

Are the circles moving or is my brain playing tricks on me?

Hey everyone! Have you ever had one of those moments where you look at something and just think, “Wait, what am I seeing?”  Optical illusions have a knack for making us question reality, and with the help of this Reddit post, I’ve rounded up some of the best ones that’ll make you do a double-take. Is the picture moving, or does your brain just think it is? The great debate of the rabbit or the duck. Is it two faces looking at each other, or is it a fancy vase? The building looks like it’s about to topple over, but is actually straight as an arrow. Optical illusions are such a fun way to mess with our perception and remind us that our brains can be pretty easily fooled. Have fun with these and try not to let your mind explode!

1. Wait A Minute…

2. Wait, Oh My Jesus What’s Wrong With This Picture?

3. Focus On The Curved Lines.

4. “A”peeling…

5. Pyramid Or A Hole?

6. Any Color Can Look White Given The Context.

7. Do You Have A Basement?

8. The Penrose Triangle.

9. To The Rescue!


11. Exsqueeze Me

12. Always A Classic.

13. Doodling Level – Expert

14. This Optical Illusion Of Depth On The Gate.

15. Captain Tiny Arm and Baby Mega Hand.

16. Three Or Four Bars?

17. Shake Shock.

18. Well. I Hate This. I Give Up.

19. Zoom In, But With Your Face!

20. All About Perspective.

21. Kinda Creepy.

22. I Can’t Stop Laughing At This.

23. Lost His Mind.

24. The Inner Square Shape Appears To Move.

25. There Is No Red In This Photo. Your Brain Invents It.

26. Shake It Off.

27. My Son Made a Board.

28. Trippy

29. How Does She Look To You?

30. Doggo

31. Afraid Of Heights?

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