Here’s Why People Are Mad At Omari Hardwick For Kissing Beyoncé

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z attended the 50th NAACP Image Awards this weekend, where she won the award for Entertainer of the Year. But that wasn’t the biggest news of the night. The most talked about moment from the evening was when actor Omari Hardwick kissed Beyoncé on her cheek, twice, and the Bey-hive started to swarm.

A video posted online showed the whole interaction: the Power actor kissed Bey on her cheek, then hugged her, then kissed her cheek again, although this time it was a little closer to her mouth. Umm.

People on Twitter immediately started commenting on the awkward encounter, with one person calling the kiss “unnecessary and uncomfortable.”

Other people felt that they could relate, having been trapped in positions like that with men before.

Some people felt that Omari had definitely crossed a line.

A lot of people also focused on Jay’s reaction to his wife being kissed more than on Beyoncé’s reaction, something some social media users found troubling.

Others thought thatthe whole thing was just a simple, slightly awkward encounter that got blown “way out of proportion.”

And still others wondered if maybe it was a cultural thing that had been misunderstood.

Well, until Beyoncé speaks out about the moment (if she does at all), we’ll have no idea what she was feeling. But almost every woman in the world has found herself in that awkward position of being kissed or hugged by some man that they really didn’t want touching them, even if he’s a friend. So it makes sense that women would be up in arms on Bey’s behalf.

h/t BuzzFeed