31 Old School Parenting Photos That Would Probably Get Parents Arrested Today

4 min

Parents are notorious for saying things like, “well, back in my day we did things differently” or “kids these days are too sensitive.”

While there is some validity to these points, there are also several things that have changed over the years, and with good reason. Installing child seatbelts in cars for instance, or warning pregnant women against smoking.

Regardless, it can be eye-opening to look back on how drastically different parenting used to be for older generations.

Just check out these old school parenting photos and you’ll see exactly what we mean:

1. “Dad: Let’s take a picture that will make Mom angry 1970”

2. “I was not a popular child. 1995.”

3. “Just a photo of yours truly (at 11 yrs.) petting a full-grown tiger. My mom calls it her ‘Bad Parenting Moment.'”

4. “How kids became legends, 1990’s.”

5. “Two boys embracing each other’s culture 1965”

6. “Getting serious helmet-less air in the San Fernando Valley circa mid-70’s”

7. “Budapest Marketplace, 1984”

8. “My dad got in trouble for skipping school because the local paper printed this picture of him, 1984”

9. “Children’s Motor Wheel, 1927”

10. “Stealing a drink of wine at a wedding while my mom (behind me) isn’t looking. (1987)”