“I’m Coming For Your Husband”—OnlyFans Model DMs Husbands If Their Wives Leave Mean Comments


In a viral series, an adult content creator, Roxy Styles, has grown sick of women being rude to her online… so her solution is to slide into their significant others’ DMs and test the men’s loyalty.

@roxysylezz26 / TikTok

The first TikTok has over 3.3 million views and was posted earlier this week by nurse, TikToker, and OnlyFans creator @roxysylezz26. She said she’s sick of women leaving mean comments and wanted some revenge.

“I’m gonna message some girls’ husbands, and I’m gonna show you the responses. All you women who thought it was such a good idea to comment on my video nasty things, this goes out to you. I am gonna find your husbands today, and we have the first account already picked,”  she says in her video.

She shows four accounts of women who she claims left her mean comments. Roxy then records herself messaging the husbands and boyfriends on Instagram.

“I’m coming for your husband,” she captioned the video. “You might wanna take a seat.” 


🙊 you might wanna take a seat

♬ original sound – Roxy Stylez

While many people cheered the brand of justice, others were divided.

@roxysylezz26 / TikTok

“This is gold,” one person lauded. 

“This is a level of petty that I can fully support,” another said. 

But other people thought the video was “unhinged” and “sad”. Still others pointed out that if a simple DM from Roxy could torpedo a relationship, it was already in trouble.

“Sad thing is you’re doing them a favor.. If he is talking to you he is not worth the time,” said one TikToker.

Roxy shared with the Daily Dot that she isn’t actually interested in these men. She also said that most of the reactions have been positive.


Im gonna anawer her call 😈

♬ original sound – Roxy Stylez

“Majority of the response has been positive, all the bad ones seem insecure and also have access to their man’s social media. I’m a nurse and I have morals, but bullies shouldn’t be bullies,” Stylez said. 

“If your relationship is this terrible that you have to be concerned about someone from the outside coming in, he or she is not the one for you,” she said in another video. “He should be ignoring me, he should be rude to me, he should say, ‘no, I have a wife’…If that’s not the case, then I consider it fair game. … I’m coming for you.”