25 Times Fans Met Celebrities And They Were Super Nice

Meeting a celebrity can be a pretty exciting experience, especially if it’s someone whose career you’ve admired for a long time. But as everyone knows, sometimes those encounters don’t go quite as well as you would hope.

But gossip about negative encounters with famous folks is already rampant on the internet, and sometimes it’s refreshing to hear stories about celebrities who actually do live up to all the hype.

@_mothers_ invited people to share stories about the nicest celebrities they’ve ever met on Twitter, and some of them really don’t disappoint. (Although, if you’re really feeling up to reading about the “meanest” celebrities fans have come across, you can also do that here.) 

1. Jon Hamm

2. Yaya DaCosta

3. Kit Harington

4. Bella Hadid

5. James Taylor

6. Tippi Hedren

7. Wiz Khalifa

8. Mo’Nique

9. John Hughes

10. Amber Rose

11. Nelly

12. Jameela Jamil

13. Hank Aaron

14. Selena Gomez

15. Paul Rudd

16. Reese Witherspoon

17. Ludacris

18. Natalie Portman

19. Bernie Mac

20. Eddie Izzard

21. Joe Pesci

22. James McAvoy

23. Kenan Thompson

24. Jack Black

25. Hugh Jackman