‘Nice Girl’ Goes On Psychotic Text Rant After Her Date Said He Was Running Late

We all know what it’s like to have plans with someone, show up on time, and have them call/text us that they’re “running late.” While it’s not ideal, it’s not uncommon for people to run into some unavoidable problems–like traffic.
While we all hate waiting around, there’s nothing we can really do about a situation like that. Unless, of course, you’re a crazy person who likes to blow up on people who happen to be running late. One Reddit user shared the text message thread from his friend who had been on one date with a girl and was running an hour late to their second date. Her response was not only aggressive, it was downright psychotic.

After telling the girl he’d be late, she said if he didn’t show up at her house that night, she would delete and block his number.

She then threatened to go out to the club and do some “stuff.”

After getting the messages, the guy told her he wasn’t coming anymore and to have fun.

So, naturally, she attacked him–with extremely poor grammar.

People on Reddit had some serious thoughts about how wild this was and how lucky the guy was to avoid this hot mess of a woman as his girlfriend.