NFL Player Finds Out His ‘Madden’ Character Is Ugly As Hell

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Over the years, you know you’ve made it as a professional athlete if you are featured in your sport’s top video game. Let’s face it, being a video game character is secretly everyone’s dream. And, with graphics on video games getting better as years go by when you do make it to the game, you expect your character to look pretty spot-on and awesome.
This, however, was not the experience for Houston Texan’s player Christian Covington. Covington was obviously excited to be featured in Madden ’19, until he realized his character is ugly as hell (and, looks nothing like him). The defensive end tweeted:

Here’s what he looks like IRL:

Not the greatest comparison if you ask me. But, it turns out, he’s not the only player to have a botched Madden character.

Apparently, getting athlete’s faces right is…hard.

Better luck next time, Madden.