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Best Times Strangers On The Internet Completely Nailed Their Zingers Last Month (20 Pics)

Who doesn’t love a good, satisfying comeback or zinger? Not me! These 20 responses to people online are so deliciously perfect, I just couldn’t help sharing them with you. Take a perusal and let me know your favorite — or if you’ve delivered any excellent ones of your own!

1. Yum!

tytoalbion / Tumblr

2. Aging

cuddlysubject / Reddit

3. Simplicity

burningmate / Reddit

4. Probably.

diffusespy / Reddit

5. I snorted

grinchelda / Reddit

6. Truth.

Engineered Labs / via Reddit

7. I– uh. Yes.

Tedtox77 / reddit

8. Two jokes in one!

via dadjokes / Reddit

9. The puns!!

tooshiftyforyou / Reddit

10. Literal humor

faceeatingleopard / Reddit

11. What would you do?

*poof* we’re all gone from technicallythetruth

12. We all leave

He got a point. from technicallythetruth

13. Driving

Found my first from TheRealJoke

14. Oh my.

This joke was unpresidented from TheRealJoke

15. Well. Yep.

Can’t argue with that from technicallythetruth

16. Gamer

Wait, you guys are talking about women? from technicallythetruth

17. Punctuation

Will you marry me? from TheRealJoke

18.  Live streams

Genius from TheRealJoke

19. Uh.

sure,when you put it like that… from technicallythetruth

20. Stressful!

Manual breathing from TheRealJoke