20 Awesome Movie-Themed Pumpkin Carvings (GALLERY)

You know you’ve truly achieved something in the world when you do a pumpkin carving so good nobody wants to smash it, and that’s the case with these awesome movie-themed pumpkin carvings? Looking for a Big Lebowski pumpkin carving? We’ve got one of those. How about Showgirls pumpkin carving? Okay, now you’re just being ridiculous.

Death Star Pumpkin
death star pumpkin
One Pumpkin To Rule Them All
lord of the rings pumpkin
Goodfellas Pumpkin
Beetlejuice Pumpkin
beetlejuice pumpkin
Aliens Pumpkin
aliens pumpkin
Chucky Pumpkin
childs play pumpkin
Exorcist Pumpkin
exorcist pumpkin
Evil Dead Pumpkin
evil dead pumpkin
Gizmo Pumpkin
gremlins pumpkin
Gollum Pumpkin
gollum pumpkin
Joker Pumpkin
joker pumpkin
Ironman Pumpkin
ironman pumpkin
Shining Pumpkin
shining pumpkin
Storm Trooper Pumpkin
storm trooper pumpkin
Toy Story Pumpkin
toy story pumpkin
Snow White Pumpkin
snow white pumpkin
Predator Pumpkin
predator pumpkin
Yoda Pumpkin
yoda pumpkin
Little Mermaid Pumpkin
little mermaid pumpkin
The Dude Abides… This Pumpkin
 I Am Groot… Pumpkingroot-pumpkin-carving
Chucky Pumpkin
Avengers Pumpkin