25 Of The Most Viral Photos From This Month

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July ain’t over yet, but a bunch of pretty rad and funny stuff has already happened. That’s important to note, especially at a time when the country seems to be crashing and burning at catastrophic speed. Here are 25 of the most blessed images July had to offer us:

25. This satisfying text exchange:

24. This biggest of summer moods:

The pink coffin floaty is actually a real thing created by a real person. Debuted by Canadian designer Andrew Greenbaum on his Instagram, the macabre coffin float raised a bunch of Kickstarter money and may just be coming to your neighborhood pool sometime soon.

23. This horrifying new hobby:

22. This accidentally derivative iPhone capture:

21. This universal truth:

20. This studio candid:

19. This discrimination callout:

18. This long-awaited epic burn:

17. This desert mystery:

16. This perfect pregnancy announcement:

“We’re made to order so we’ll always go above and beyond for our customers,” said Cheyenne Burton, the manager of the Albuquerque, New Mexico Dion’s Pizza.

15. This hate crime:

14. This absolutely perfect proposal and subsequent picture set:

13. This broken trust:

12. This brotherly care:

11. This Shih Tzu-turned-Pokemon:

10. This Fox News prank:

Made all the funnier if we consider the network’s decade-long vendetta against the show for a variety of reasons, including the “promotion of homosexuality” as well as a “global warming agenda.

9. This lemon, simply rolling down a hill…for a quarter mile:

39-year-old Mike Sakasegawa’s lemon video accrued over 4 million views as all of Twitter united to root for the persistent little citrus fruit.

“I don’t know that there’s really any rhyme or reason for why something gets big on the internet,” Sakasegawa told BuzzFeed News. “Some people have mentioned they find it soothing or relaxing. Some people find it inspiring — they’re rooting for the lemon to go as far as it can.”

8. This “pugshot” of the pug who got arrested in New Jersey for “sneaking through yards”:

The suspect — who turned out to be a female named Bean — was two feet tall, weighed around 20 pounds, and was described by sources as a “Lil’ stimky nugget.” Bean was picked up by her owner who was said to have paid in “peanut butter cookies.”

7. These adorable grandma twins:

6. This adorable avian sequel:

5. This secret treaty:

4. This very understandable movie theatre theft:

Apparently, this is not an altogether unique situation:

3. This inconsideration:

2. These absolutely stunning sex ed questions from elementary schoolers:

1. This unfortunate wardrobe malfunction: