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People Weigh In On What Annoys Them Most About Celebrities

Celebrities are by definition people we celebrate or honor. Yet, many of them insist on destroying our goodwill by saying and doing idiotic things.

Fortunately, new celebrities take the place of the old insufferable ones each and every day. Like (occasionally insufferable) Heidi Klum says: “one day you’re in, and the next you’re out.”

One viral Reddit thread compiled the moments when celebrities truly lost the attention of the common people. Whether it’s a bad political take or incessant flaunting of privilege and wealth, any famous person reading this article can learn a lot about the dos and don’ts of living in the public eye.

But what do I know? I’ve never been famous unless you count the day I tweeted “eat me” at a deserving politician and it got 7 million RTs. Not really, but close. Anyway, to the famous person reading this: don’t do any of the following and, also hey, hit me up. We should have lunch sometime.

Here are the many ways celebrities annoy fans:

1. Not acknowledging where they came from.

“Celebrities who were born into families that are already established in the industry need to be more honest with themselves and the world that they were able to make it big because of their last names, it’s not their fault that they were born into the family that they were, but it’s not always what you know it’s who you know and nepotism has played a big part on how a lot of them have made it big, sure they still have to put in some work but it’s less than some random person from a regular family would have to.

I think Jamie Lee Curtis was one of very few actors that I heard of that as acknowledged that most of her success comes from the fact that her parents were Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis.” –bodegagirl

2. Do the crime, pay the time.

“The consequences rarely fit the crimes they commit.” –mc_squared_03

3. Ellen being mean.

Ellen Oh No You Didnt GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

“There’s a lot but something recently just happened that made me furious.

Ellen and her show is being investigated by their network for having a toxic work environment. Something that former and current employees are coming forward with. Celebrities are now hash tagging “#IStandByEllen” to show her support and some like Katy Perry and Ashton Kutcher are saying ‘I have always been treated with respect by Ellen. She has showed me nothing but kindness. She’s a great person.'” –videogamejunky

4. Why not give the person more since they have so much?

“They are given so much free stuff but have the money to pay for it.” –hotmessharrison

5. Listen to the famous person quoting an ugly scientist, please!

“That they are given more weight to their words than experts or scientists.” –pakidara

6. Being a jerk all the time.

“I used to work at the BBC and the majority of them, either intentionally or unintentionally were absolute arse holes. Simple stuff like getting up walking across the room to get water is something they expect other people to do for them, chasing across the country in the pouring rain to deliver something to someones house in the middle of no where because they wouldn’t wait 30 seconds for a script, then screaming abuse at them when, by a miracle, they actually find your huge country house in the rain and dark that doesn’t have a name or a number (I’m looking at you David Frost you massive cunt) or calling the Police because they ring on your door to deliver something they were expecting!!!” –this-one-is-faulty

7. But they like me, though, right?

“Their fans. I can understand if you like an actor or musician, but they’re not just gonna see you in the crowd one day and decide to marry you. It’s not gonna happen.” –ThePeopleOnTheCouch

8. The “Imagine” Video.

“Seeing a bunch of rich celebs singing ‘imagine’ (having no possessions) in the middle of a pandemic is not inspiring – it’s enraging.” –Fudgel_ist

9. They’re out of touch.

“The way they try to seem relatable. “We’re all in this together!” No the fuck we are not. We’re walking while you’re flying. Stop trying to seem like you’re one of us cause you’re not.” –schmebalydook

10. This is a big one, yes.

“More than annoyance, but the environment is a breeding ground for sexual grooming, pedophilia, sexual assault, etc. And many are part of it or turn a blind eye to it. Their wealth and status separates them from most of society and they are not held as accountable as non-celebrities.” –alittleburdietoldme

11. There’s a person right there.

“The way they never EVER acknowledge their Nannies or Housekeepers or Personal Chefs or Assistants.” –YeahWTF20

12. Their problems are the worst.

“Trivial problems that make headlines in shitty tabloids.” –Pxander

13. Their footprint.

“How they try to push for “environmentalism” while flying private jets around the world, having multiple mansions with massive carbon footprints, and buy and throw more products and food in a month than the rest of us acquire in years.” –super-ro

14. When they’re famous for no good reason.

“When they don’t actually do anything worth being famous for. cough Kardashians cough cough.” –GurgleQueen636

15. “Just keep at it!”

“Telling people that if they try hard they are gonna be successful and accomplish all their dreams, it just makes poverty seem like a mental thing. It sounds cute and encouraging but it isn’t that simple.” –ariizon_

16. Don’t hog that!

“They need so much attention.” –Inopmin

17. Do what you believe in. Don’t fake it for attention.

“What annoys me the most is any kind of virtue-signalling, bandwagon jumping bullshit from celebrities.” –massivebumwizard

h/t Reddit: r/askreddit