15 Women Revealed The Things That Men Still Don’t Know About Women

A woman’s life is hard. Between trying to conform to beauty standards, avoiding horrible men, breaking through the glass ceiling, and trying to maintain a decent work-life balance, it’s physically and mentally exhausting to merely exist as a member of the fairer sex. Most men probably know this. But they probably don’t know a lot of the little bummers women face every day. Some helpful women on Ask Reddit clued in the dudes.


1. Boobs hurt. Like all the time. Yeah.

You see, period cramps are debilitating, but they’re at least consistent. Just take some Tylenol at that time of the month and most the pain is gone. Boob pains, however, strike at the least expected times. And when they get you, they get you good. I’m an eighteen-year-old girl in perfect health and I’ve been convinced on multiple occasions that I was going into cardiac arrest, just because my boobs couldn’t catch a break.

2. And they’re also a bummer.

How heavy boobs are and how much back ache you get carting them about with you

3. The female equivalent of “turn your head and cough.”

Gyno visits. If men need birth control refill they just go to the store and get a box of condoms.

4. Well there’s at least one place where we’ve closed the gender gap.

Women’s bathrooms are often absolutely disgusting.

5. An over-the-shoulder bolder-holder costs a lot.

A good bra can cost upwards of 80$, and for large-breasted women it could even be upwards of 100$. As a woman with a DDD cup size, I could probably get a PS4 for less money than it would cost me to get 3 decent bras.