43 Memes Men Probably Won’t Find That Funny

4 min

Memes are funny because they’re relatable, right? Which means that if you’re a dude, you just may not think these are particularly funny. But even if you don’t, go ahead and show them to the women in your life cause I guarantee they’ll be able to relate a whole f*ckload. They’ll relate so hard they may just pee themselves a little bit laughing:

43. No one is actually that put together, right?

42. The sister bond is both ferocious

41. Probs had fun though

40. Yup.

39. Everyone’s got their own regimen

38. No one does. It’s all a lie

37. I appreciate this so much

36. What sound does static make? Like a crackle or something?

35. Hahaha…?

34. DAMN