29 Married People Share What They Used To Find Cute About Their SO—But Now Find Infuriating

20. Singing as though it is a competition:

Her having to sing everything like it’s a perfected choral piece.

19. Apparently, this is not uncommon:

Had a friend dating a girl that loved to try to show off her singing. The main problem was we’d be playing games like Rockband where matching the key and tone of the recording is more important than stylizing and, essentially, costing a bunch of nerds a team bonus.

18. …Like, at all:

This!!!! My sister in law always draws it out and adds “and maaaaaaanyyyyyyyy mooooooorrrrrrrrre” in a quasi sexy wannabe Marilyn Monroe tone. UGGGHHHH.

And I’m talking at our childrens’ birthday parties. Drives me nuts!

17. Changing their mind over a SO’s lifestyle:

Reversing the roles, I play football/soccer at a high level and she used to find it cute to watch me play and train.

Now that she’s realised the fact that I have to travel on and off, and train every day for most of the day either with my club or on my own I can safely say she despises the sport…

16. Whether due to profession, or hobby (or both):

Musicians get this all the time. For some reason, playing music on a stage in some hipster bar is a great way to meet women.

Fast forward 6 months into a relationship and they can’t stand that you have to go to band practice, that your passion makes no money, and that it keeps you out late.

The very reason they liked you to begin with becomes their least favorite part about you. I’ve seen this over and over again.

15. Being a little too chill:

My husband’s laidback attitude. I truly appreciate that he doesn’t stress about much; he definitely adds balance to my (pre)crastination.

At times though I wish he was more timely. We’re going on a road trip? Maybe we should book a hotel in advance, not 20 minutes before getting there. We moved across the country and I set up the Relocube, pick up, and, drop off.

I asked him to research potential apartments. The week we were to have our Relocube delivered we still didn’t have an apartment or even one in mind. Our Relocube was set to be delivered on Saturday, we signed our lease on Friday.

I’ve learned to take the lead on planning, but it would be a nice “break” for me mentally if I didn’t also have to do it.

14. Never, ever, shutting up:

She talks c o n s t a n t l y. I’m a guy who can appreciate a good silence but she hates it. She has to fill every silence by talking or humming or singing or playing music or putting on a TV show.

Most of the time she isn’t talking to me, really. Example; as I type this she is playing Fallout and just kinda narrating her experience. It’s still pretty cute and charming at times, tbh, but when we first started dating I found it far more adorable.

This issue is that since she’s constantly making noises with her mouth, I have grown accustomed to just tuning her out or doing other stuff or leaving the room mid-sentence because, once again, she USUALLY ISNT REALLY TALKING TO ME.

Unfortunately, sometimes she IS talking to me and then I look like the dickhead for not listening. But I think if I listened in-depth to every tiny thing that came out of her mouth to verify she was or was not speaking to me I would lose my mind.

13. Always needing to be needed:

In the beginning he used to really need me and he always required a LOT of attention.

I loved it, at first. I loved to feel needed and I 100% absolutely loved to lavish him with my adoring attention endlessly… I was absolutely devoted.

Fast forward 15 years… I feel used up and taken for granted. He has never reciprocated, our relationship has always been strongly one way.

His behaviour was exactly what I wanted and needed – at one point. Now it’s just something that upsets me. A lot.

12. Being far too likable:

Not married, but engaged and have been together for almost 5 years now? Everyone likes her. She’s a very likable person, but my friends and family like her more than me. Just gets to me sometimes when she tells me something about a friend or family member that I should have heard from them.

Edit: Just to be clear, I don’t mind it. I like it because she makes socialising easier for me, that way I can sit back, relax and just listen and enjoy the company. The side effects, as mentioned above, can be annoying but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

11. Being hella clumsy:

Clumsily break things accidentally. It’d be a teaspoon one day or a shoelace the next. Little insignificant, ‘how-on-earth-did-you-manage-to-break-that?’ type of things. Started out quite cute and amusing. Now it’s a case of ‘Babe, that’s like the fourth vacuum cleaner this year, and it’s a f*cking Dyson.’