Logic Took The Stage At The VMAs Making A Powerful Statement Against Separating Immigrant Families

While people watch the VMA’s to see some crazy controversy having to do with drama and beef in the music industry. But, every year, one artist stands out and makes a powerful statement to promote social awareness.
Last year, rapper Logic made a powerful statement about mental health awareness with his song “1-800-273-8255” which takes a powerful stance on suicide (and also happens to be the National Suicide Hotline). He had suicide attempt survivors come to join him during the performance wearing T-shirts with the number and the message, “you are not alone.”

This year, Logic took the VMA stage with Ryan Tedder to perform their song, “One Day.” The music video for the song recently dropped, making a powerful stance against the current administration’s immigration policies. The music video features true stories from immigrant families in the United States.

Logic has spoken out about the song, saying it supports “all dreamers.” Dreamers, of course, meaning the children protected under DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals–a policy created by former President Barack Obama to protect young undocumented children from being deported. With President Donald Trump’s attempts to retract DACA, this message is all too important.

At the 2018 Video Music Awards, Logic used the state to again promote awareness and social consciousness by wearing a t-shirt featured in the music video that reads: “F*ck The Wall.” Additionally, Logic brought out young children wearing t-shirts that read “We Are All Humans.”



One of the most touching parts of the performance is when the screen that reads “U.S. Border Patrol” is lifted and all of the children on stage are reunited with their parents.



Twitter couldn’t handle how powerful the performance was.

Thank you Logic, for using music to bring forth positive messages that the world so badly needs. We truly appreciate you.

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