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Live-Action Dora The Explorer Movie To Be Produced By Michael Bay

Good o’l Michael “Don’t Call Me Mikey” Bay is set to produce a live-action Dora the Explorer movie. Dora the Explorer was a kids’ show about a young Latina just doing her best to teach kids about nature with the help of her cousin Diego and her pet monkey “Boots” who, of course, wears red boots. Much like the weird-ass people who currently own ducks as pets, she puts boots on her pet monkey.


dora the explorer movie
   Monkeys don’t need boots

On the bright side, Nick Stoller is set to direct. You might know him as the guy who directed The Muppets, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him To The Greek, Neighbors, and Storks. Okay I know what you’re thinking, but Storks was actually a lot better than it had any right to be. It’s the harrowing tale of how one baby who got lost had to be raised by creatures that aren’t meant to be parents and are then forced to. It deals with loss, abandonment, parenting, a sense of duty, and the purest kind of love we feel in the animal kingdom.


Anyway so that guy is directing the thing, which means it could actually have some heart to it.


After being on Nickelodeon for over 14 years, a Dora the Explorer movie seemed almost inevitable it was just a matter of time and of who would actually end up making it.


The movie, obviously, won’t have the audience-involvement elements that the show has, as the show is meant to teach kids through puzzle-solving, riddles, and other interactive games. It would be fun if they actually gave a nod to that part of the show in the movie, but if Michael Bay adaptations have shown us anything it’s that they aren’t exactly self-aware. The plot of the film (“film”) will involve an older Dora moving to the big city to live with her cousin Diego.


This, in my opinion, is a missed opportunity to give some kickass little girl a chance to be an Indiana Jones and take Hollywood by storm like the little girl who played Wolverine’s daughter in Logan.


My first thought, then, obviously is Selena Gomez. Not just because I’m thinking about her all the time, nor is it because I’m currently obsessed with Kill Em With Kindness, but because it would make sense for her to play an older Dora. She’s Hispanic, she can act, and she wouldn’t make a bad adaptation if they want to age the character.


dora the explorer movie
Calling it right now

Currently they don’t have anyone slated to star in it, but that would be my first choice even if it does feel like stunt casting. Maybe we’ll get an unknown. Either way we’re getting a Dora the Explorer movie that will hopefully not just be another tone-deaf Jem and the Holograms style mistake.