People Get So Cringey On LinkedIn Sometimes It’s Embarrassing (14 Pics)


Let us gloss right over the age-old question “who actually USES LinkedIn” and get right to the meat of this story: people being real big weirdos on a site theoretically for job networking.

It’s already odd enough when people are strange on Facebook or Twitter, but LinkedIn?! WHY. Of all places, you’d think that people would have some modicum of professionalism and not be complete nut jobs, but you would be wrong.

We rounded up some of the cringiest behavior we could find on LinkedIn and have secondhand embarrassment just from reading them.

1. This person lied about starting a new job and the company called them out

Tiny_Security6360 / Reddit

2. Take time off, ffs

phanon1666 / Reddit

3. Praising the laughingstock that is Elon Musk

AutonomousMammadov / Reddit

4. Power Hour

herpesfreesince93_ / Reddit

5. This is just awful

princess_sky_177013 / Reddit

6. Skilled, UNPAID

Olengu29 / Reddit

7. This is not a job

Playertee / Reddit

8. Be Amazon

infamouszgbgd / Reddit

9. This is lunacy

Whodat33 / Reddit

10. Feels like you should stop before you drive in the middle of a road

princess_sky_177013 / Reddit

11. No speaker fees


13. Recruiters are not persecuted

14. Morning routine