Petty Queen Lindsay Lohan Threatens To Fire Staff For Not Wearing The Same Shoes

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If you thought working at Lindsay Lohan’s Grecian was all fun and games, think again, buster! It is actually Very Serious Work with a Very Serious Dress Code, one that will result in a (Very Serious) reprimand if broken.

We know this, because two of employees at Lohan Beach House Rhodes (there is also a Mykonos location) made this very mistake. The VIP beach club posted a picture on Sunday of two women dressed in identical silky robes/dresses, slicked-back hairstyles, and two distinctly different pairs of high heels.

“Hello and welcome to paradise!” reads the caption, accompanied by a bunch of hashtags reading “#lohanrhodes,” “#beachparty” and “#beachbars.”

As PopCrave noted in a tweet, Lindsay Lohan was pissed about the shoes. “Wear the same shoes please,” Lohan commented in the comments of the post, before clarifying in another comment: “Or you’re fired.”

Commenters initially thought Lohan was making some sort of Trump-esque dystopian joke. She was “totally serious!”

Lohan has been catching a ton of heat in the comments section of the Instagram post in the days following her Very Serious Threat. One comment reads, “Don’t embarrass people that work for you like that. If it wasn’t for them your business wouldn’t run, I used to like you not anymore.”

Another: “She had to call them out on social media? Highly unprofessional.”

What role Lohan actually plays in managing these clubs as far as employment (or anything else) goes is unclear. While the comments section of a company Instagram is no place for shaming your employees, we certainly can’t blame Lilo’s sartorial judgment.