It’s Not Easy Being Lazy (25 PICTURES)

If you love being lazy, then these photos of extremely lazy people and lazy life hacks are the perfect recipe for your current state of extreme laziness. I'd write more but I know you're too lazy to read and I'm too lazy to write more words. Oh, and Happy National Lazy Day!

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Friday the 13th Memes Aren’t Bad Luck, Is It?

Here's a little something to prepare you for Friday the 13th. My advice is to stay away from black cats wearing hockey masks and don't talk to old guys holding bloody knives trying to seduce you with bags of McDonald's fries.

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Amazing Vintage Hollywood Party Photos

Hollywood has always known how to party, but these vintage Hollywood party photos will show you how it really used to be done back in the 40's, 50's and 60's. From Frank Sinatra to Marilyn Monroe, these are some of the coolest retro Hollywood photos ever taken. Look at them, study them intensely, and party...

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The 20 Worst School Names Ever (GALLERY)

Today is National Teacher Day, so what better way to celebrate the amazing teachers of the world then with a collection of the worst school names ever, because they're a representation of yet another thing teachers must overcome to educate our youth. No matter what anyone says, school is not cool and will never be cool because it involves getting up early and readi

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22 Funny Online Dating Memes That Might Make You Cry If You’re Currently Single

If you're single and recently started online dating, these online dating memes are the perfect cure for your current state of mental mi

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