Twitter Is Roasting Lauren Jauregui’s Clap Back At Tiffany Haddish After Her Shady Fifth Harmony Comment

While the MTV Video Music Awards were on Monday night, it seems as though the drama is still going on after the messy show that had shade being thrown left and right. Between Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Travis Scott’s drama–I thought I had seen it all.
But, aside from Cardi’s epic acceptance speech and Nicki Minaj’s Twitter tantrum, we had some other drama brewing below the surface. As many people know, singer Camila Cabello was nominated for five different awards (winning the biggest of the night). The Latina singer is a former member of the girl group, Fifth Harmony.

While there was some drama when Cabello and her bandmates parted ways, it seems as though things had just begun to simmer down in the drama department for them. Until Tiffany Haddish had some nasty words on stage for them. When congratulatingCabello on her nominations (and pronouncing her name wrong), Haddish said:


Even Cabello looked shocked that Haddish would say something like that.


Of course, we know that Nicki Minaj clapped back at Haddish when accepting her award for Best Hip Hop Video when she said: “Normani is that b*tch.” Normani, of course, is another former Fifth Harmony member who has gone solo.

But, it seems that other member, Lauren Jauregui had some words for Haddish on Twitter after she took a dig at the other members of FH. On Tuesday, Lauren posted on Twitter that she was “waiting for the day when supporting one woman meant that you didn’t have to insult other women.”

But, people were quick to call out a performance that Fifth Harmony did after Cabello’s exit from the group where they essentially “threw” a fake Cabello off-stage at last year’s VMAs.

Twitter called Lauren out–hard.

You know what they say–don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. Sorry, Lauren.