Lana Del Rey Drags Kanye West To The Grave For Endlessly Supporting Donald Trump

Lana Del Rey is not a name that everyone is familiar with, but, one that everyone should be. The singer and songwriter is a talented, stunning musician who is not only a breath of fresh air musically, but socially as well.
While she is usually quiet about celebrity drama and controversy, the singer decided that this weekend it was imperative for her voice to be heard among the many on social media after Kanye West had–yet again–stirred the pot.

For those who missed it, Kanye West appeared on Saturday Night Live this weekend as the musical guest. After the show had wrapped and cameras rolled the credits, West grabbed the mic and began going on a very pro-Trump, pro-right wing rant on stage. It was recorded and later posted to social media by comedian Chris Rock.

Following his rant on stage, West decided to add fuel to the fire by tweeting even more pro-Trump ideas and messages, including a photo on his private jet still wearing his Make America Great Again hat. In his tweets, West touched upon “abolishing the 13th amendment,” which outlaws slavery.

Many online were outraged by his uneducated take on politics, and his hypocricy–as some pointed out that not only was his hat made in China, but his profitable Yeezy Boosts were made there, as well. Thousands of people online responded to West’s tasteless comments–including singer Lana Del Rey.

The singer dove in, head first, with a well-worded, strong, and important response to West’s support of Trump, and, genuine concern for West himself. It’s also good to remind people that Lana Del Rey had performed at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding–so, they are not strangers to each other.


After her response went viral online, fans were both impressed and proud of her for standing up on the right side of history.

Lana Del Rey was not the only celebrity to speak out against Kanye West’s rant and tweets. Chris Evans, aka Captain America, spoke out on Sunday against the rapper on Twitter, as well.

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