Lana Del Rey Went After Azealia Banks On Twitter And Left Everyone Shook

Azealia Banks is notorious for going after other celebrities on social media the moment she disagrees with them. This time around, Banks decided to go after singer Lana Del Rey after comments she made about Kanye West.
Last week, Kanye West hijacked the Saturday Night Live stage to promote his own Trump-supporting agenda wearing a Make America Great Again hat. After his performance, the rapper posted an aggressive statement on Twitter about abolishing the 13th amendment.

After the post went viral, Lana Del Rey clapped back at Kanye West, saying she was disappointed in him and his support of Trump–citing his mistreatment of women. She said West’s support of Trump is a “loss for the culture.

Azealia Banks wasn’t pleased with the response from Lana Del Rey and decided to clap back on Twitter. Banks said that Lana was “inconsistent” for collaborating with A$AP Rocky, who has physically assaulted women, too.” She called Lana a “white woman using a weakened target to ‘pretend’ to be an ally.”

But, Banks didn’t stop there. She went on a lengthy Twitter rant about how much of a hypocrite Lana Del Rey was by telling her to “apologize” to West for blaming him for Trump’s mistreatment of women. Additionally, she said Lana was a “fake feminist” for supporting other men who were allegedly abusive towards women, while simultaneously calling out Trump.

Lana was not going to let her get off easy. Instead of a long-winded thread, she simply told Banks to come to speak to her in person–citing that Banks knows her address.

She added:

Banks retaliated with…some weird a**  thread about Lana getting surgery.

Lana came back with a pretty savage response.

So, Banks had nothing better to do than threaten to sue.

To which Lana was all for.


Twitter was shook at this back and forth. And, can you blame them? I’m even sitting here bug-eyed wondering how the f**k this even happened on social media. Even Chrissy Teigen was shook.

I don’t know about you, but I need to meditate after this.