20 Times Parents Hilariously Struggled To Get Their Kids To Eat

@clhubes / Twitter

If you’re a parent, you know the fight that can come at mealtime and the sheer amount of chaotic creativity it sometimes takes to get a child to EAT FOOD.

It sounds exhausting.

But you are definitely not alone.

Lucy Haber recently tweeted about a time her 2 year old completely railroaded her with food demands and the internet took that and ran with it. Pour through the most agonizing food journeys with me:

1. The OG

@clhubes / Twitter

2. Zucchini

@hillarywithoneh / Twitter

3. Waffling

@courtneyhella / Twitter

4. Leftovers

@_capitaltryst / Twitter

5. Crickets, yes. Chicken, no.

@turtlemenow / Twitter

6. Lamb.

@alexabeaute7 / Twitter

7. Sweet potato

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8. I want what I want!

@katgordon / Twitter

9. Pineapple

@gourtsforturnip / Twitter

10. Mushroom soup

@olovekill / Twitter

11. Grapes

12. Mac and cheese

13. Dinner

14. Eat them!

15. The banana

16. Corn

17. Halfsies

18. It’s got MEAT

19. Big “jk nvm” energy

20. Liar